At Emmaus, we offer rewarding careers where team members are part of something bigger, making a difference in the lives of the people we serve.

Sometimes, that difference extends beyond the bond between client and team member. The story between Paul and Suzy can be shared from the perspective of Patty, sister-in-law of Paul. She recently reflected on how Emmaus has become a major part of her family and how grateful she is for the relationship she sees between Paul and Suzy.

Paul had a difficult childhood and has seen many other faces and places before finding his home with Emmaus. Unfortunately, Paul has also lost a lot of people since then. The most recent being Phil, Patty’s husband and Paul’s brother.

Through that tragedy, Patty became Paul’s legal guardian.

During that rough time, Suzy continued providing great care for Paul, attended the funeral and comforted him through many different emotions.

Patty remembers talking on the phone with Suzy a lot before meeting her in person. Patty was ready to match a face with such an important person in Paul’s life.

I’m so grateful that Paul has Suzy in his life. I worry about what in the world could happen, but I know if she’s right there with him, everything will be just fine. It’s comforting knowing that there are people in his life that have this special bond and are caring.

Suzy has been working with Paul for many years. Paul began receiving support by Emmaus in 1985 and met Suzy just a few years after. She has been a powerful advocate for him.

Paul describes Suzy as very nice, energetic, uplifting and as part of his family. They are both warm, loving and big huggers. On top of that, he says she fixes great meals. Paul’s family lives many hours away, and the peace of mind they get knowing Suzy is there means the world to them.

She’s part of our family. I think she’s one-of-a-kind. I wouldn’t want to think about what it’d be like if she wasn’t.

Suzy enjoys Paul too. She helps him stay on track and has worked with him long enough to know when he needs something. They fly together to visit Patty and her children over holidays and for different events.

They have even spent the summer volunteering outside the state. She describes Paul as a wonderful person, who is very kind and always positive in many ways.

If you’re looking to find the family that Suzy, Paul and Patty have found, please consider joining our family of dedicated Direct Support Professionals at Emmaus.

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