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Beyond the Classroom: Students at Emmaus

by | Apr 10, 2024 | Client Success, Emmaus, Get Involved, What We Do

Heathcare is more than just medicine; it’s about the human connection.

In the bustling hallways of Francis Howell High School, a group of senior students, including Nick and Brianna, are not just counting down the days until graduation. They are proactively looking and working toward their future as part of the Center for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS) program, and their journey has led them to Emmaus, a place where compassion meets action. Their time at Emmaus is not just about volunteer work but also personal growth, professional aspirations, and genuine human interactions. With dreams of becoming a pediatrician, Nick fondly recalls, “There’s this moment when I helped Shawn with his garden, and his smile made all the difference. It taught me that healthcare is more than just medicine; it’s about the human connection.” Brianna shares a similar sentiment.

 “Helping a client cook was so much more than a task; it was about building relationships. These small moments remind me why I want to work in medicine.” As they prepare for their future, they do so with a deeper appreciation for the human element in healthcare, nurturing a lifelong commitment to service and empathy. For these young volunteers, Emmaus is more than a stepping stone; it’s a place where they learn the true essence of caring for others.


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