As we continue to face the COVID-19 pandemic, our recruiting team is right along with you! We continue to hire and train Direct Support Professionals (DSP) to continue providing high-quality care for the women and men of Emmaus. Tonya Courtois, Emmaus Recruiting Manager, and her team have been working diligently to continue searching for and interviewing individuals who may be a good fit as a DSP at Emmaus. During the Coronavirus outbreak, our Recruiting team has made some adjustments to accommodate others at this time.

“The logistics have changed, virtual versus in person, etc. and the same commitment and can-do spirit is there.” says Tonya,

“I will add that I think because of the circumstances we are in, I have seen more compassion, understanding, acceptance, and energy, within the team and with our applicants. We are all in the same boat and willing to try new things, support each other, and try again.”

Here are some of the ways our Recruitment team has been adjusting:

  • Virtual interviews with candidates via Facebook Messenger, FaceTime, and Zoom
  • Spending more time on the phone with candidates making sure they have a clear understanding through every step of the process
  • Documents: We are asking candidates to take pictures and send to our team, we are filling things out for them and getting signatures at a later date
  • We are saving everything in a database for other team members to be able to have access
  • Our team is chatting daily in Zoom to catch up and talk through any questions, issues, ideas, adjusting and readjusting along the way

​“Our normal recruiting and onboarding process requires a lot of in-person interactions. While in-person interactions are powerful and vital in many ways, the power of modern technology has proven to be an invaluable asset to our recruiting structure. While we might prefer to have in-person interactions, it is nice to know that we have the tools and skills to continue to help our clients via modern technology.” -Russ

We have pulled together as a team to share expertise in different areas and learn from each other. In two weeks we went to a full online experience in an effort to keep everyone socially distanced for the training.” -Tracy

While a virtual orientation is logistically different than the way we have done it in the past, we continue to display the same personal touches that are prevalent during our in person orientations. The commitment and can do spirit of all of the employees who contribute to the success of orientation is as evident now as it has always been. The world came together as the people stayed apart 😊.” -Muriel

At Emmaus, we offer great wages, full-and-part-time openings for all shifts including weekends and high performers can be considered for career paths as a Direct Support Lead, Medical Coordinator, Associate Client Services Manager, and Client Services Manager. Apply today to go through our new virtual hiring process and join our team!

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