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Your donation will allow Emmaus to continue to ensure a high quality of life for more than 275 clients.

Our Objectives


People with developmental disabilities will live like you and me.


People with developmental disabilities will take control of their own lives.


Provide community-based, in-home support at a fraction of the cost of institutional services, with higher quality.

How We Use Donations

Donations empower our clients to have a higher quality of life. They help with direct care services, home maintenance, assistive technology, dental care, community activities, spiritual care, and anything else people need to take control of their own lives.

How We Define Quality of Life


Are the women and men we support not only healthier because of our services, but are they as healthy as possible?


Are we empowering our clients to enjoy life, have valued roles, and participate in meaningful activities that they desire? 


Do the people we support feel safe, are they free from abuse and neglect?  Does their house feel like home to them?


Do they have a choice in all aspects of their life?  Do activities, surroundings, and relationships, appear to match the person?


Why do I give? To see clients enjoying a high quality of life in the community and in their homes. But also, that members of the community would see them and how meaningful their lives are.

Sometimes people, like the clients Emmaus serves, and other members of society, might not have a lot of visibility. They may not have a big voice in how things are done or how policies are made. That does not mean they are not absolutely important. We should make sure that there is always someone there to advocate for them. I think that it is great that Emmaus keeps the needs of people with developmental disabilities front and center.  


Emmaus Donor

Over the past few years, we have had several opportunities to visit Emmaus with our Pastor and Confirmation Classes of St. Luke’s UCC in Independence, MO. Each time, we were warmly welcomed by the women and men of Emmaus and their dedicated team members. We were impressed with the loving and caring atmosphere and the family-like connections. We know the past few years have brought many changes to the way Emmaus delivers their services, but we are confident that everyone continues to receive high quality care and support. 

We are happy that we are able to support Emmaus now and are including them in our estate planning.

Jeff & Marita

Emmaus Donor

As a parent of someone supported by Emmaus, I can say this. A home that’s set up with just Emmaus funds is not sufficient. We need to show up and donate. I made myself a part of the solutions, because when you are a part of something you get to understand it a little better.

I have to count the dollars that I have now, and I can’t give Emmaus everything I’d like them to have, but the desire is there. My pocketbook is a lot ligther now in retirement, but I do what I can.

So do what you can, and if what you’re doing doesn’t result positively or is something that helps somebody – then why are you doing it?


Emmaus Donor

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