The Emmaus-ing race is shaping up to be the most exhilarating social distance fundraising, social event of the year! Teams will “race” across St. Charles County for the ultimate prize and be crowned the Emmaus-ing Race Champion! Participants will have no idea what adventures they will be going on or what activities they will have to do. Join us at the Emmaus-ing Race on July 25th at 2:00 PM! 

How Does it Work?

  • Register your team early
    • Cost is $25 per vehicle or $125 for VIP (1 vehicle, up to 10 t-shirts, and 2 free hints)
  • Participants will meet at a central starting location.
  • From there, they will receive a packet with their first hint and the race will begin!
  • Inside the packet, will be a checklist of wacky activities and point values to complete along the race.
  • Before or during the race, you will have the option to purchase “hints”.
    • These are like mulligans and can help you find your next location if you’re stuck.

The Rules and Honor System:

  • Cannot be more participants in each vehicle than can safely and legally ride
  • No speeding – We cannot monitor this, but we trust you all!
    • Winner will not be based on who returns first but how many points the teams collect along the way

The After-Party…

After the race concludes, contestants and Emmaus followers will be invited to a congratulatory ceremony. This will feature a live concert to relax with, and announcements of silent auction winners. Silent auction items will be available for bidding before the race begins, and you can keep track of your bid during the race.

Ways to Support Emmaus:

The best part of the Emmaus-ing Race is that 100% of the proceeds help people with developmental disabilities. We are trying to raise $6,000. You can help us meet our goal.

  • Join the Race
  • Encourage others to create a team
  • If you can’t participate, you can still help.
    • Sponsor a team of clients
    • Buy a commemorative T-shirt
    • Bid or Donate during the silent auction
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