There is no doubt that these past few months have been challenging for Emmaus. However, during this same time, we have also witnessed incredible generosity on a multitude of levels from our donors, team members and volunteers. Our Emmaus family, far and wide, have stepped in to support the women and men of Emmaus and our dedicated team members continue to keep those we support safe, healthy and actively engaged at their homes.

One way this was recently displayed was through Anna and Richard Murphy’s 27th Wedding Anniversary celebration. The Murphys have been with Emmaus for years and before the COVID-19 outbreak, they had originally planned to celebrate 27 years of blissful marriage on a Carnival Cruise vacation. Unfortunately, their plans had changed in order to keep themselves safe and healthy amidst the pandemic. Despite the low mood around them not being able to celebrate their 27th Wedding Anniversary as originally planned, the Murphys were ready to adapt and make the most out of the special day. With the help of their families and Emmaus team members, they planned a stay-at-home celebration.

They typically would’ve had dinner at one of their favorite places the Spaghetti Factory. But since this was also not an option, they ordered Pasta House who had curbside pick up available – spaghetti with meatballs are the Murphys pasta choice so that is exactly what they had. Their dinner table was decorated with a fancy cloth and some pretty flowers in a vase. They also had wine glasses with sparkling grape juice to go long with their meal. Afterward, they had a delicious strawberry ice cream cake (at Richards request). After dessert, the Murphys had two cards to open together; one was from their friends at Emmaus and the other was from their families. They held hands through their meal, as they opened their cards and in the living room after their meal.

Although Richard talked a lot about how he still plans to go on the Carnival Cruise as soon as possible, both him and Anna were very thankful for the stay-at-home celebration. They ended up enjoying their special day very much and their love for each other remains insatiable no matter what happened. Let Richard and Anna’s love and adaptability shine on all of us as we continue to make the most out of these times in any and every situation.

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