The title mother starts the minute you hold that baby, toddler, or child that you gave birth to or adopted. Mothers can replace everyone, but no one can replace a mother. True in every sense of words. But have you ever thought about the similarities between a mother and a Direct Support Professional?

At Emmaus, our direct support team members often put the motherly touch in everything they do for the people they care for. Like every mother, Emmaus direct support team members wear several hats when enriching the lives of people with developmental disabilities. Like a mother often does for her child, our Direct Support Professionals prepare meals, provide transportation, run errands, clean the house, teach lessons and do much more to enrich the lives of the men and women of Emmaus. Like a mother does for her child, our Direct Support Professionals do anything and everything they can to bring the best out of the people they support.

At Emmaus, we understand that as a Direct Support Professional, we are having a direct impact on someone’s life. This career often leads to a fulfilling experience, and the passion from our team members often shows through the rewarding work they accomplish. It is never easy for any parent to trust in an organization like Emmaus to care for their child. But when our team members see testimonials from the mothers of some of the clients they support, it reminds them of why we do #WorkThatMatters.

If Emmaus said they couldn’t care for Katie anymore, I’m not sure what that would look like. I’d have to rethink a lot of things. It’s more than a full-time job to meet her needs. Having someone there made me realize how much it is to do on my own. It’s really something that is now a part of our family.” – Julie A, Katie’s mother.

Most importantly, by living in a regular house, Andrew would enjoy the same normal lifestyle that he had grown up with – he would be living in a suburban neighborhood with the opportunity to wave to neighbors and be conveniently located close to shops, restaurants and other urban amenities. But there would be one significant difference – one that we had only dreamed about – a newfound sense of independence. This is what Emmaus does! Along with providing above-and-beyond care every day, Emmaus Direct Support Professionals discern and invent new ways to assist and improve client’s lives. This is why we and so many other parents and families entrust the lives of our loved ones with Emmaus.” – Diane A, Andrew’s mother

For many mothers of Emmaus clients, the service we provide have been a lifeline for them. This shows us why we do #WorkThatMatters at Emmaus. Thank you for your support in making sure that this peace of mind is never taken away from any parent.

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