Denise proudly holding her framed receipt from selling her artwork

At Emmaus, there are several talented individuals who enjoy expressing themselves in a variety of ways. As a kid, Denise loved making art – specifically drawing and coloring. She recently accomplished a big goal of hers to earn money from selling her artwork. Denise sold four of her unique designs and with great pride she framed the receipt from the sale. Pictured below are the four designs she sold…

What do you like about making art?

“It relaxes me. Ever since I was 11, I’ve enjoyed creating art. I learned to draw, knit and sang in choir and it’s stayed with me. I enjoy drawing, painting, coloring; all of it is fun to me. When I make artwork and cards for people, they like it more than a store-bought card because it comes from the heart. My sister and brother love my art and I make them pictures for Christmas. My nickname at my day program is ‘Picasso’”

What is your favorite thing to draw/paint/color?

“My favorite to draw is dogs, especially a poodle. I like to do buildings: houses, the arch, castles. During the holidays I like to draw turkeys during thanksgiving and Christmas trees. I also like to do color books and paint a lot, I painted my walker.”

How does having the opportunity to sell your artwork make you feel?

“Selling my artwork makes me feel happy and it gives me confidence in myself so I don’t get so down. My art makes people happy because it’s what I’ve done all by myself. When you make art yourself it comes from your heart. Someone asked me if I wanted to get a store-bought card, and I say they would like one home-made more because it is from your heart.

Abstract by Denise

Castle Snow White by Denise

City Skyscrapers by Denise

Love in the Key of Life (left) and Sunset (right) by Denise

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