Award Winning Wellness Program | Emmaus Homes

Emmaus Home’s program is unique and has won the ComPsych Health at Work Awards 2 years in a row. Our program is built on 4 Pillars; Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Financial.

Our Physical Pillar helps employees feel better. Emmaus believes that healthy employees are better able to provide the best services for Emmaus clients. Emmaus supports healthy employees by encouraging them to participate in healthy lifestyle choices. An example is the ability to earn rewards for “Breaking a Sweat”.  Emmaus also ensures quality healthcare is affordable and accessible to full-time employees. We do this by offering a near site medical clinic with exclusive access for Emmaus employees and covered family members. There are 5 clinics in the St. Louis region.  The clinics can be accessed for free. This allows employees access to a doctor, blood draws and common prescriptions all for free.

Our Mental Pillar helps employees to manage life’s ups and downs. We offer an Employee Assistance Program to help through the through hard times. Team members are given generous Paid Time Off days. Our employees consider each other family and offer strong support systems for one another. When asked to describe Emmaus in one word – FAMILY is one of the most used words we hear! 

Our Spiritual Pillar helps employees find balance. As a faith-based organization related to the United Church of Christ, Emmaus cares about our employees’ spiritual wellness. Many employees attend our regular worship services and Bible studies or receive prayer and spiritual support from our two Chaplains. 

Our Financial Pillar helps employee become more financially stable. Emmaus offers a 3% retirement matching program, a financial wellness program and a low-cost loan program to help team members by providing a responsible lower interest rate safety net during a financial crisis and help employees rebuild credit with on-time automatic payroll deductions.

Emmaus Homes also offers employees a $1200 yearly wellness incentive (for those enrolled in medical insurance).

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