Emmaus strives for successful, dedicated employees. One of the ways we accomplish this is by focusing on the career path. Within 6 months of joining Emmaus as a Direct Support Professional, team members are eligible to become a Direct Support Lead.

A Direct Support Lead, or DSL, is key in developing successful teams.

How do we stay confident in knowing our DSLs have what it takes in their first step of becoming a manager? Our Staff Education department provides Leadership training for all DSLs.

Our Leadership training gives new leaders new skills. It helps them change their thought process from being a high performer and contributor to becoming a great motivator of others. As a lead at Emmaus, success is dependent on the success of the people you’re leading. The motto of our leads is “Teach the Work, Direct the Work”.

This class re-introduces our Mission Statement.

Compelled by faith in Jesus Christ, we enrich the lives of individuals of all beliefs, with cognitive or developmental disabilities, by fostering independence, inclusion, and self-advocacy.

It defines the Emmaus Core Values since they are at heart of the organizations identity and guide every aspect of our work.

CUSTOMER CENTERED: We demonstrate customer centered behavior in many ways, including assessing and responding to varying needs, obtaining feedback from stakeholders, and building long-term relationships to provide the best customer service.

INITIATIVE: We go beyond what is asked of us, complete tasks with high standards, act independently, adapt to various circumstances, and we persist when faced with obstacles. We value a process of continuous learning, seek feedback from others, and are ready to act on information received.

INTEGRITY: We have high standards of personal conduct. We may work in many different situations and with various groups of people, so it is of utmost importance that individuals behave with dignity and respect.

COLLABORATION: We work well with others to achieve common goals. We are part of a broader group that maximizes the best outcomes for customers, both internal and external to the organization.

Through a blended class of lecture and participation, team members grow their leadership skills with activities and insights from others. The class also compels our DSLs through positive strategies for the people that they support and for the staff on their teams.

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