From a September 1975 Emmaus Messenger

“Good things seem to come in pairs” the saying goes. It seems so for the eight men who moved to the new Quarterway House on July 17. They just seem to be getting settled nicely when all of them abandoned the house! Not because of termites, or leaky roof, rather to head for the mountains of Colorado and a camping vacation!

The Sierra Club, a nationwide conservation organization, sponsors an annual backpacking trip in the Rockies for developmentally disabled persons. Four of the men saved their money, sent in their applications and were accepted earlier this spring. As travel plans were being discussed, someone suggested that driving would be cheaper than flying, and that the new 12-passenger Plymouth van (purchased though 70% funding in the Developmental Disabilities Grant received this spring) would be an appropriate vehicle for transportation. And then someone else said, “while we’re at it, why not fill the van with five more men and two sponsors, who would camp out while the others were backpacking?” Why not indeed! A good idea, and convenient way for nine men to enjoy a mountain holiday.

On Saturday, August 2nd, the nine men accompanied by Don Bizer and Bob Poepsel plus an astounding assortment of sleeping bags, tents, food, backpacks and other gear, filled the van from top to bottom as they headed west. First night’s destination: Hays, Kansas. And then, on to the Rockies!! Everyone wished them “Gute Reise” and “Bon Voyage,” and wait now for the exciting stories they will have to tell upon their return August 10th. Members of the group were: Dale B., Glenn E., Richard G., Virgil M., Richard M., Cary P., Terry P., Mark S. and Harry V.

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