Dear Team Members,

I wanted to take a moment and provide an update about the status of the Emmaus – Marthasville campus.  Many of our team members who work in the Marthasville area have received questions about the campus and I hope this information is helpful.

For those of you who may not be familiar with the history of our organization, for more than 100 years our clients were served on this property.  In 2015, prompted by changes in federal regulations and following the recommendation of the Executive Team, the Emmaus Board of Directors made the decision to transition clients from the campus to homes in the community.  I’m pleased to report that we successfully completed this transition, with the final clients moving to their new homes more than 18 months ago.

During this time, we also met with multiple stakeholders including leaders from the United Church of Christ, The Missouri Alliance for Historic Preservation and local community members to discuss opportunities for the next use of the property.  While many people value the history of the property and the buildings, we did not receive an offer from any potential buyer to make the significant investments necessary to restore and repurpose the buildings.  Subsequently, the Board of Directors voted to list the property and invest the sale proceeds to ensure our continued mission of serving adults with developmental disabilities.

In early 2019, the Emmaus Properties Committee selected Trophy Properties and MO Realty as the brokers and listed the campus.  Over the past year, the property has been marketed as both a single parcel with more than 600+ acres and multiple buildings, and as several larger parcels.  In late 2019, we sold 43 acres including a cemetery to a local family.  Additionally, we also donated 6 acres to TEMCO, the sheltered workshop located on the campus.

The property currently remains on the market however the buildings continue to deteriorate and have been repeatedly vandalized.  Following recommendations from our real estate consultants and brokers, the decision was made to divide the land into 11 smaller parcels and auction 3 parcels which include substantially all the buildings.  An Open House will be held at the campus on October 17th and 18th from noon to 2 PM.  For more information about the auction and Open House, click here.

Thank you for your continued service,


Cindy Clark
President and CEO

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