You may recognize his big smile from the latest Emmaus Spring 2020 Messenger! As always, Paul is in good spirits during his time at home. He has some great company as he remains active and stays in contact with his loved ones. Paul has especially been enjoying his time with his housemates; John, Saul and Terry. Despite the weather, they have been going on “social-distancing” walks around their neighborhood together. Walks that will keep them in shape as they enjoy the fresh air.

Paul on a social distancing walk with his Housemates

Paul has also been playing games with his housemates. The latest being some puzzle challenges that his housemate, John (on the right), did alongside him. As they simultaneously finished, the puzzles revealed to have similar themes. Paul completed a Paw Patrol puzzle and John completed a cat with flowers puzzle. In John’s words when the puzzle was finished: “I did it!”

Paul solving puzzles with housemate John

Paul also enjoys his time with his Direct Support team. Emmaus team members, including Suzy who was featured in the Emmaus Spring 2020 Messenger with Paul, as well as his good friend Ruth (Emmaus Quality Education Specialist) have been spending quality time with Paul. They have been helping him pursue some new hobbies, like how to cook new healthy recipes from Ruth!

Paul cooking carrots

Staying in touch with loved ones is also really important to Paul and his Direct Support team has been innovative. Ruth helps Paul have virtual visits with his girl friend Joyce via Microsoft Teams and Zoom meetings. They love to catch up with each other and hear about each other’s day!

Paul skyping with girl friend

As you might have read in our Emmaus Spring 2020 Messenger, Suzy (in the middle of the photo below) and Paul’s family have developed an inseperable bond through Suzy’s time with Paul at Emmaus. Suzy continues to help Paul keep in touch with his loved ones and just like she was a part of the family, they like to hear from Suzy too!

Paul and Suzy with Paul's Family

We do hope this wonderful update of Paul shines a light in your heart during these times. As Paul remains healthy and happy, we wish nothing less to you and all of your loved ones. ❤️

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