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Technology has always lent a helping hand for people with disabilities. Without it, Pat and many of our other clients could not grow to become more independent or connect with their loved ones. The technology that Pat uses on a daily basis has given him the chance to do routine tasks on his own. Since Pat uses a wheelchair, being able to do things for himself through limited movement or with the control of his voice is essential for his personal growth.

Pat was in the first group to participate in the Adam Morgan Foundation’s Technology 4 Independence Program. The program has helped Pat add the following skills to his daily life:

  • Using the talk-to-text feature on his iPad and Alexa
  • Utilizing smart plugs/lightbulbs so he can turn things on or off with Alexa
  • Using these features to communicate with others through email and Facebook

When Pat’s Alexa was installed in his room, he gained the ability to control his lights, television, and radio with the sound of his voice. “It’s awesome!” Pat explains. “I’ve been fortunate to be able to do things by myself, especially from the press of a button and using my voice. I really like how Alexa can turn my television and lights on and off in my bedroom.

Pat has also gotten a lift installed in his wheelchair, giving him the ability to access higher tables and items around his home. This is especially useful when Pat needs to reach the Keurig on the kitchen counter to make his favorite coffee. The wheelchair lift also comes in handy when Pat FaceTimes his sister Kathy. He can angle himself towards his iPad’s camera, giving Kathy the chance to see Pat’s big and contagious smile.

Pat’s new technology has helped him become so much more independent,” says Kathy, Pat’s sister. “It amazes me to watch him raise his wheelchair up and down to make things more accessible. He’s been getting back to being his old happy self and learning how to use this new technology has played a big role. I am not worried about him because I know Emmaus is taking great care of him.

At Emmaus, we can’t do work that matters without having technology that matters. This new technology, courtesy of the Adam Morgan Foundation and Emmaus donors like you, has helped Pat achieve independence and reach new heights.

Pat Facetiming with his Sister
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