Stacy Spradling | Emmaus Homes

When Did You Start At Emmaus?
I am the new kid on the block. I started on October 28, 2019.

What Originally Made You Want to Work For Emmaus?
As an HR professional, I have the privilege of helping people find and keep the right job, develop professionally and engage in satisfying work. At Emmaus, I get to do that and so much more because my job extends beyond helping employees. I am looking forward to finding ways for our clients to have meaningful and satisfying experiences through Emmaus.

What Has Been Your Most Memorable Moment at Emmaus?
As the newest member of the team, I don’t yet have many memorable moments. However, from what I have seen so far there will be no shortage of memorable moments at Emmaus. So far, I have enjoyed my daily visits from Sam who helps tidy up the office. He is still trying to figure me out, but once he warms up to me I know we will be fast friends.

What’s One Thing You’re Looking Forward to for the Future of Emmaus?
I summarize the work we do at Emmaus as work that matters. I love thinking about all the opportunities I will have in my future with Emmaus to do things that will make a lasting impact on those we serve. I want to look back on a long career with Emmaus and say, my contribution made others lives better. If that isn’t work that matters, I don’t know what is.

Are You Involved in Anything Outside of Emmaus?
I volunteer with JoyFM radio. You will often see me working the ticket counter or merchandise table at concerts and other events. I am also very involved in local community theater as a judge for Arts for Life. On any given weekend you will find me at one of the many phenomenal community theaters taking in a show. I volunteer regularly with my church. Sometimes I serve coffee, other times I deliver groceries or help with clean up. I love serving!

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