COVID-19 continues to change our society and challenge our Direct Support workforce. Even people who have not become sick with COVID-19 are managing stress, uncertainty, and isolation during this difficult time. Natasha has been with Emmaus for two years and is a Direct Support Lead who currently supports Brad, Shane, Sean, and Jose in St. Charles.

Despite having no end in sight, Natasha continues to motivate her team and keep the guys active at home. She, like many of our team members, is using the quarantine period to her advantage by growing closer with her clients while pursuing new hobbies and activities. From casual “Movie Nights” and craft activities, to kite flying and park drive-throughs, Natasha’s creativity shows her dedication to providing quality care.

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While keeping everyone busy helps, Natasha stresses that there are still many things her clients miss: “We all miss going out into the community to do things such as bowling, dining-in at restaurants, going to the movies and going to the zoo.” Natasha explains to the guys why they can’t do these activities they used to enjoy doing on a normal basis.

If people like Natasha had not been there for our clients, they may have succumbed to the depression and anxiety that has plagued so many through this trying time. She has made it her mission to involve the men in numerous activities and has made them feel like they are missing out on nothing. If you ask them, they are living their best lives.

Emmaus Team Member Natasha Photos for GivingTuesday

Although making the most of the current situation sometimes seems to be sufficient for some, the unfortunate truth of the matter is that it isn’t enough. Gabrielle, Emmaus Associate Client Services Manager, reiterates the importance of donations: “The need for everything has sky-rocketed and some of our clients don’t have the money to do certain things or to be able to accommodate the necessities. Not having donations available would negatively affect their lives.

Emmaus Team Member Natasha Photos for GivingTuesday

Natasha adds: “Donations on Giving Tuesday will help us provide homes with masks, gloves and other PPE. Clients and staff will be able to sanitize the homes and continue to do fun activities while staying safe and healthy.

Emmaus Direct Support Professionals like Natasha have shown up for our clients when they needed them most. Now we need you to show up for them. We need every person reading this article who can make a gift to do so. This Giving Tuesday is your chance to Show-Up for Those Who Need It Most.

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