When Did You Start At Emmaus?
I started working as a Chaplain at Emmaus on an interim basis in September, 2013. 

What Originally Made You Want to Work For Emmaus?
I decided to stay here and take a permanent position after falling in love with ministry with our Spirit-filled clients. 

What Has Been Your Most Memorable Moment at Emmaus?
I’ve had countless joyful, memorable moments since then, but a highlight was baptizing one of our clients during a Sunday morning worship service.  His parents and his siblings were there, with a brother having travelled from California. 

What’s One Thing You’re Looking Forward to for the Future of Emmaus?
For the future, I look forward to Emmaus raising ample monies through advocacy and fundraising, to increase our base wage to $15. 

Are You Involved in Anything Outside of Emmaus?
Outside of Emmaus, I’m active with wider United Church of Christ activities, and I volunteer on committees with Unleashing Potential and Brown School of Social Work, Washington University.

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