While other companies were making layoffs, Emmaus stayed true to our commitment of career growth and hiring essential workers.
Where some saw challenges, Emmaus saw opportunity.

One opportunity presented itself by rewarding the efforts of a select few. It takes 6 months to be eligible for a Direct Support Professional to be considered for a Direct Support Lead position. During these long months of caring for individuals with developmental disabilities, Emmaus promoted 30 people.

For many, this advancement is the first step into a long career with Emmaus. New leaders like Deanna say, “I’m looking forward to taking on more responsibility and helping out in any way I can.” Others like Oluwatobi say, “I’m looking forward to giving my clients the best care possible.

Another opportunity presented itself in the form of mentorship. Over 40% of the administrative staff at Emmaus have once worked in a direct support role. When stay at home orders started, some of these veterans stepped back into their caring roles to assist with the increase of direct support hours.

One new hire says that if it weren’t for receiving mentorship when she did, she probably wouldn’t still be with Emmaus today.

Most importantly, the personal growth experienced in the last year is making a huge impact. Direct Support Leads are experienced in providing quality care for individuals with disabilities and also mentoring people brand new to the field.

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