About 32 years ago, Shelly started working at Emmaus. Shelly recognized that she landed herself a rewarding career. Since then, she has shared many experiences and relationships that have enriched her life tremendously. Having worked so many years, Shelly has grown to know a variety of different clients, but no one quite like her friend, Terri. “When I first met Shelly, I thought she was going to be fun to be with. She laughs, jokes, has a good sense of humor, and I have brothers who do that too. I just thought she fits in. I got to like her more and more.” Terri says. Now and again, Terri is reminded that Shelly would be, and still is, the perfect fit with her daily lifestyle. The relationship that these two forever hold is a perfect embodiment of and shows how meaningful works comes from friendships. It became especially important in March, when Terri and Shelly began to quarantine due to COVID-19. Because of Shelly and Terri’s close bond, they continued to make a difference in each other’s lives.

Emmaus Team Member Shelly playing cards with Emmaus client

As the pair spent more time with each other, they have taught one another to be more positive, patient, understanding, and to not worry about the little things. Shelly and Terri both possess a competitive trait, which makes their love of games and sports even more special. They didn’t let the lack of going to Cardinals baseball games and watching sports on television get in their way. The amount of activities that these two enjoy doing together grows day by day, such as playing rummy and at-home bowling. Shelly recognized that having a full-time career at Emmaus may come with its share of sacrifices, such as working over holidays, and missing out on family time, and tackling a lot of shifts to protect everyone’s health and safety during COVID-19. But Shelly is reminded every day that the precious time spent with Terri made her decision worthwhile.

“When the clients are excited and happy to see you, you know you are making a difference because they are more responsive to what you are doing. They react positively to requests which allows you to do your job more effectively.”

– Shelly Saale, Emmaus Direct Support Lead

Emmaus Team Member Shelly serving food to Emmaus client
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