There’s nothing like kicking off a new year with a few New Years Resolutions! However, January is almost over and it’s likely that some of those resolutions have fallen through. Don’t worry though, here at Emmaus, we challenge you to become a volunteer as part of your resolution that is easy enough to keep all year long and even into next year. Check out these three different ways you can be a part of Emmaus’ volunteer program!


Neighbor to Neighbor Volunteer: A Neighbor to Neighbor Volunteer involves building a consistent presence with one particular home. Whether it’s maintaining the yard, enjoying community activities together with clients or both it is sure to meet the home’s needs and yours. A Neighbor to Neighbor volunteer is possibly one of the best ways to volunteer at Emmaus because it allows for a deeper connection to be built between volunteers and clients. This is a relationship that can grow for years and years!

Community Project Volunteer: This type of volunteering is best for groups of five or more to attend. This can be a group of friends, a group from church, a corporate group and more. If you and a group are looking for physical labor like painting or general yard-work, or perhaps you would like to assist in a recreational activity with clients this is a great opportunity.

Events Volunteer: Events are just one way that volunteers can help “bridge the gap” in funding in order to provide quality services to our clients. Event volunteers help run our events so that everyone in attendance has an unforgettable time, volunteers included! Events are an exciting way to volunteer with Emmaus; from Duckfest to Christmas parties, there is always something exciting happening.

If any of these volunteer opportunities stand out to you, please apply to be a volunteer at the link below or contact our Volunteer Coordinator MacKenzie at 314-585-8682 or barbermackenzie@emmaushomes.org. We hope that you make a resolution you can keep all year long, and for many years to come!

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