Neighbor-to-Neighbor (2022) | Emmaus Homes

Want to build a deeper connection with Emmaus? Try being a Neighbor-to-Neighbor! Neighbor-to-Neighbor volunteering involves building a steady presence with one individual home. Inside that home, you’ll get to know some great people – adults with developmental disabilities. Whether it’s exchanging cards, enjoying community activities together, or simply maintaining the yard, it is sure to meet the home’s needs and yours.

Becoming a Neighbor-to-Neighbor can include the following activities: visiting the home, going on outings, helping around the house, celebrating birthdays together, and more! Small groups and one-to-one contacts are especially helpful for our clients. Volunteers can even remain socially distant while building a relationship by consistently communicating with them. A Neighbor-to-Neighbor volunteer is possibly one of the best ways to volunteer at Emmaus because it allows for a deeper connection to be built between volunteers and clients. This is a relationship that can grow for years and years!

Volunteer Photo for Neighbor-to-Neighbor (2)
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