When Did You Start At Emmaus?
I joined the organization in January 2008.

What Originally Made You Want to Work For Emmaus?
For me, it felt like coming full circle in my professional career. I was raised in the United Church of Christ and always knew what a great reputation Emmaus enjoyed. Eventually I was contacted by a recruiter and here I am today!

What Has Been Your Most Memorable Moment at Emmaus?
There’s literally so many great memories! I fondly remember when we completed our transition from the St. Charles campus to the community and walked with our families and clients to our new faith home at Good Shepherd UCC. I also remember attending an open house for one of our new community homes in Wentzville. It was so awesome to watch the clients move into their new home! They were so proud!

What’s One Thing You’re Looking Forward to for the Future of Emmaus?
To fully engage our family members and donors to help us as we continue our work, advocating for the clients we’ve been entrusted to serve.

Are You Involved in Anything Outside of Emmaus?
My son is playing college football in New York, and I LOVE watching him play. I serve on a couple of community boards that I enjoy very much. My husband and I built a new home this year and are looking forward to entertaining our friends and family. We also have a labradoodle named Bo – we’re so crazy about him that he even travels with us!

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