Kim Moore | Emmaus Homes

When Did You Start At Emmaus?
I joined the organization in September 2008.

What Originally Made You Want to Work For Emmaus?
I had been working in corporate accounting for 15 years and was ready for a meaningful change. In corporate America much of the focus is on earnings per share and stockholder expectations. Working for a company whose successes are defined by providing excellent service to an underserved population is very rewarding for me.

What Has Been Your Most Memorable Moment at Emmaus?
Joining a client for a fun weekend in Chicago was a definite highlight. We did just about every activity on the wish list and made a photo album to document the journey. Having the opportunity to support a client in a different manner was a unique experience and one that I’ll cherish for a lifetime.

What’s One Thing You’re Looking Forward to for the Future of Emmaus?
Focusing on servant leadership and how to best serve our employees and clients is an area of great importance to me. I’m also energized by the advocacy work that I’ll be working on with Austin Hayden. Providing information to our community that helps demystify opportunities to support our mission is exciting to me.

Are You Involved in Anything Outside of Emmaus?
I serve on the Board for a company who manages HUD housing that clients such as ours live in. I also love spending time out in the woods at our cabin in Warrenton. Reading, spending time with my teenage children, and being outdoors are my favorite pastimes.

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