Before COVID-19, Katie led a busy life and was constantly on the go. Katie enjoyed participating in programs, aquatics, concerts, and more. Katie is nonspeaking and relies on Direct Support Professionals like Ashley to express what she has to say. Since the pandemic, Katie and Ashley have worked closer together than ever before to overcome the challenges presented to someone who cannot vocalize what they want to say.

The most valued activity in Katie’s life is spending time with her family. That ended in March. Luckily, Katie’s mother, sister, and grandmother have been able to regularly communicate and video call thanks to Ashley quickly making sure the necessary technology was brought into Katie’s home.

By talking with their loved one and Ashley, Katie’s family has been able to make sure that Katie is healthy, safe, and content. Looking back at the constant changes Emmaus faced as the pandemic unfolded, it is clear that this contact was Katie’s lifeline. Ashley showed up when Katie needed her the most, protecting both Katie’s physical health and her connectedness with family.

Just like Katie, all the people we serve at Emmaus are enduring the isolation and constant threat to their health. Their daily success depends on the support they receive from our Direct Support Professionals. These frontline staff continue to show up for the people of Emmaus, day after day. That is just who they are. And they make Emmaus who we are.

At Emmaus, we are steadfast in our commitment to providing high-quality services for those we are entrusted to serve.  In this era of Covid-19, quality matters more than ever. For our clients and their family members, it is critical to know that someone will always be there when they need it most.

Emmaus Direct Support Professionals have shown up for our clients when they needed them the most. Now we need you to show up for them. We need every person reading this letter who can make a gift to do so.

Without your gift, the people we support may face even further disruption to their lives.  Your response today affirms your commitment to our clients.

Would you give today? We recognize that you may be facing uncertainty right now. If this is the case, please know that any gift will be impactful.

When you give, you are saying to our clients, “I see your struggle and I’m showing up to help.”

You are saying to our staff, “You are not alone. I will make sure you get the resources you need to carry on in your incredible work.”

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