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Jack’s Valentine’s Day

by | Feb 21, 2024 | Client Success, Emmaus, Get Involved, What We Do

In our third blog post on relationships among individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, we delve into the touching tale of Jack and his valentine. Their Valentine’s Day celebration at Applebee’s, orchestrated with the help of Emmaus and dedicated DSPs, showcases the beauty and depth of connections that defy societal misconceptions, highlighting the role of support in fostering lasting love and companionship.

Jack and his valentine have been together for over a decade, a connection that began during their time at the Marthasville campus. This relationship is clearly reflected in both their thoughtful gifts for each other. During their date, Jack greeted his valentine with a hug and a kiss as soon as she walked in. He then surprised her with flowers and candy that he chose especially for her. Stacy presented Jack with his favorite Fanta drink. Both markers of the depth of care and appreciation they have for each other.

Emmaus direct support professional (DSP), April, was extremely dedicated to organizing their Valentine’s Day outing, even though it fell outside of work hours. This showcases the level of support and attention provided by Jack’s team members. From arranging transportation to taking Jack to the store to pick out the perfect flowers and candy, the DPS’ efforts contribute to the success of their relationship. The support of DSPs allows them to be as independent as possible and pour into their relationship when they are together.

Jack’s DSPs actively encourage their relationship through initiatives like coordinating FaceTime calls and facilitating visits between the two, making sure they stay connected. Their goal of ensuring Jack and Stacy see each other once a month underscores their commitment to fostering meaningful connections and enhancing the quality of life for each of them.

Ultimately, Jack’s love story serves as a powerful reminder that relationships are possible and fulfilling for individuals with developmental disabilities. The dedication of the Emmaus team members exemplifies the importance of creating inclusive environments where everyone has the opportunity to experience love, companionship, and connection. Something we all need to live full lives.

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