Pat lives in Wentzville with three housemates. He loves old-school media such as 8-tracks and VHS videos. Pat works at Temco, but plans to retire on June 1st. His real ambition is to work at his favorite store, Walmart, as a door greeter.

Pat uses a power wheelchair and in the past, even though he had independent mobility, he had to wait for one of his direct support professionals to open the door to his home for him. Pat had difficulty reaching the handle. He had to rely completely on his staff who might be carrying groceries or helping one of his three housemates. According to Pat, it was really crummy to wait when it was cold outside.

Now, Pat has an automatic door opener, which allows him to independently access his home.

Emmaus recognizes that small changes can reap great rewards to give people independence and self-reliance. Will you rally around Pat and others like him on #GiveSTLDay (May 11th) by making a donation to Emmaus Homes so that we can keep choice and independence at the center of our client’s lives?

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