In my experience so far, what amazes me most about the congregation that gathers for worship at Emmaus is their instinctive ability to be not only welcoming of all people but inclusive of all people, just as they are. There are no preconceived notions about how people are to dress or act or anything else when they come to worship. Everyone is invited to come and be their true selves and worship God together.
I often use communion as an example of how Emmaus takes the extra steps to include everyone. You see, communion is generally served as grape juice or wine and bread or wafers. But, at Emmaus, we not only have the elements, but we make sure that all people are able to partake if they would like to. We have grape juice and offer it thickened for those with that dietary restriction. We have bread and offer it also pureed and mechanically altered for those who need that. I have heard clients tell me that they have often been invited to participate in communion, but Emmaus is the only place that they have been included in communion.
That is what sets Emmaus apart. It is a deep commitment to affirming all people as children of God and sharing the love and grace of Jesus. It results in the most spirited worship I have ever been a part of, where people are invited to share their prayers, sing their praise, and learn and grow together.
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