E-Advocates #3 | Emmaus Homes

E-Advocates #3


October 23, 2023 | By Christina Ingoglia 

This week has been filled with bridge-building and meeting some of the Missouri state legislators who represent districts that serve our clients! Thank you to MO State Representatives Richard West, Phil Christofanelli, and Justin Hicks! Combined, we have the privilege of serving 12 clients living independently in their house districts, and we provide 31 jobs to those districts as well! We are grateful that they have a heart for adults with developmental disabilities and that they have granted us some of their own time outside the legislative session.

We will continue to meet with legislators in our region as much as we are able. Our goal is to welcome them to our Coffees for Change, so that you can get to know them, too!

Do you have a close relationship with one or more of your elected officials? Let us know! We’d love to join you in a meeting with your elected officials to talk about Emmaus and the work we do. Write to me, Advocacy Director Christina Ingoglia, at Advocacy@EmmausHomes.org. If you need help finding your elected official, click here.

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