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E-Advocates #12

Why You Should Join Emmaus At The Capitol!
Feburary 12, 2024 | By Christina Ingoglia

For Valentine’s Day, we wanted you to know why we and other Emmaus Advocates love advocating and getting involved! 

I am from Emmaus working for almost 2 years. When I heard other DSPs don’t make a livable wage, I wanted to do more for them and myself. I think someone can benefit from being an Advocate in more than one way. First, it helps our state government to see there are people out there who care about what they do for work and also what we are all about. Second, it helps you personally become familiar with what changes you can make and how to best address change about our clients and staff, or anything you have a strong passion for. The Emmaus people I talked to and the legislators helped me learn stuff I never would have known. Now we have built relationships with each other and the legislators. That will make a difference! 

Faith Orf

Emmaus Homes Direct Support Professional (DSP)

The legislative process can be confusing and approaching legislators a nerve-racking experience. Christina knows the ropes to assist anyone who can attend and advocate for the needs of the organization and, ultimately, the clients we serve. It is a worthwhile adventure and is highly recommended. You’ll learn a lot and ensure the needs of those we serve are communicated to the decision-makers in state government. 

Chuck Gross

Former Emmaus Board Member & State Senator

As the Emmaus Advocacy Director, I’d add: advocacy is not the job of any one person. Instead, we must work together to lift our clients and staff up, to make clear to legislators that all your lives matter. As I always like to say, the crux of our efforts is “with, not for!” We need a broad circle of Emmaus stakeholders to get involved so that legislators know how their decisions impact our clients, staff, families, and communities. To me, advocacy is an act of love.  

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