When Did You Start At Emmaus?
July 2010

What Originally Made You Want to Work For Emmaus?
There isn’t an organization in Missouri with a richer history in providing quality services for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

What Has Been Your Most Memorable Moment at Emmaus?
For me, it is a series of memorable moments which have a common thread.  The most impactful moments that I will never forget are when a parent or family member shares that they no longer worry about what will become of their loved one after they are gone, because Emmaus will be there for them.  It’s those moments which are only developed after intense bonding between our staff and our clients, which will always be my fondest memories.  This is why it is so crucial for our service system to recognize direct support professional positions as life-long careers and not minimum wage, starter jobs.

What’s One Thing You’re Looking Forward to for the Future of Emmaus? 
I look forward to the continued application of technology in creating independence for persons in our services and the opportunity for our staff to focus on the needs of our clients.  Technology is improving so fast and becoming more and more affordable.  Voice recognition, for example, is opening doors, literally and figuratively, for persons who were totally reliant on another’s assistance for such simple tasks.  Similarly, there is so much regulation in our field that it reduces staff time focusing on critical services.  Advancements in technology continue to reduce paper processes which in turn maximize time in directly supporting our clients.

Are You Involved in Anything Outside of Emmaus?
In addition to enjoying my wonderful family, I am an avid hiker, reader, and horse rider.  In addition to Emmaus, I am a surveyor for CARF International, a accreditor of service provision, a member of the Board of Representatives for ANCOR, and the current President of the board for the Missouri Inclusive Housing Development Corporation.

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