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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Emmaus Homes?

Emmaus Homes is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and United Way agency. Since our founding in 1893, we have been providing around-the-clock support services to people with cognitive or developmental disabilities. Today, Emmaus supports nearly 300 individuals in more than 80 community homes in a four-county region within the St. Louis metropolitan area.

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What does Emmaus do?

With the help of over 700 team members, Emmaus provides housing, recreational, education and spiritual care programs for those we serve. We understand it’s tough for those with cognitive and developmental disabilities to manage life alone, which is why for 125 years, Emmaus has provided high-quality services, caring for the whole person for their whole life. With Emmaus standing behind them, and the support of the community, Emmaus clients can be in control of their lives and live like you and me.

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How can I apply?

Many people feel unfulfilled in the work they do every day. At Emmaus, we believe you should look forward to coming to work knowing what you do matters. This is why for 125 years, our team continues to refer their friends and relatives; growing our Emmaus family to over 700 team members.

Here’s how you start:
1. Find a job on our careers page.
2. Answer a few simple questions online.
3. Be ready to hear from us.

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How else can I get involved?

You can support Emmaus through giving, volunteering, or being an advocate.

  • By giving a donation to Emmaus, you are making a difference that will increase independence, inclusion, and self-advocacy in the lives of those we serve.
  • By volunteering, you can make meaningful connections by assisting with a community project, helping at an Emmaus event or participating in our Neighbor to Neighbor Program.
  • Affecting change starts with you. By being an Advocate, you can help us promote disability rights and ensure sustainable funding of disability services.

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How can I request services for a new client?

To inquire about our supported living services you must request a meeting with us. For more support to ensure your loved one’s health and safety, IDDHelp is the place to start and can assist you and your loved one navigate the system.

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