Breaking Barriers | Emmaus Homes

David doesn’t let anything stop him. In December of 2022, he made a goal for himself to establish a weekly workout routine. Going to the gym three times a week would be significant in getting him to his ultimate goal-getting out of his wheelchair. From modified kickboxing to pulling a weighted rope, David doesn’t let his disability get in his way.

His motivation comes from inspiring others and seeing just how independent he can be. Emmaus team member, Thomas, has been working with David since September. He knew from the first time he met David that this is where he was meant to be.

“David expressed interest in working out, so I started taking David to the gym with me. Instead of spending his money, he gets to come with me for free. It works out great for both of us and gets us out of the house,” Thomas continued. “David wants to be an inspiration to others. He hopes to encourage others through his story of consistency.” 

“I hope other people at Emmaus go to the gym if they can. It will help their staff and themself to do things on their own,” David said.

Seeing growth within our clients and the initiative within our team members is a great reminder of just how valuable our services can be. Having a front row seat to David’s growth and watching him break through barriers speaks to our Emmaus mission.

At Emmaus, we know that the people we support want to be independent.

In order to do that, they need a community that embraces their unique abilities.

For more than 125 years, as a faith-based organization, we have provided quality services, caring for the whole person for their whole life.

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