From a December 1994 Emmaus Messenger

Joe P., a resident of Emmaus Homes, had long wished to go to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. However, not many knew of this desire until earlier thus summer.

“Many of the people we serve at Emmaus plan vacations with their families or friends,” noted Margaret Schultz, Administrator for Emmaus Homes. “Joe was eager to plan a trip too,”

Joe shared his desire to go to Disney World with Wilma Zeh, Director of Residential Services, but had one major obstacle to overcome before the trip could become a reality: Joe needed a volunteer to accompany him on the trip.

“I knew that former team member Chris Reinhardt had an internship at the Walt Disney World College Program while he was at the University of Missouri- St. Louis,” recalled Wilma. “I talked to Chris about accompanying Joe on the trip, and he was very happy to oblige.”

On September 20, Joe’s wish came true when he and Chris flew to Orlando for five days at Disney World, Epcot Center, and the MGM Studios.

“My favorite part of the trip were the monorail, where I got to ride with the driver,” said Joe, “and, MGM Studios where I saw shows about Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Beauty and the Beast.”

In the photo above, Joe pauses during his time at Disney to pose for a photo with some Disney Characters.

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