Gaela, Linda, Denise, and Theresa all live together in a highly active household. When they moved in with each other, these ladies and the Emmaus team members who support them quickly bonded over their similar interests. Forever friendships were made in minutes. The friends enjoy crafting, artwork, playing games, doing puzzles, helping to cook dinner, watching movies, listening to music, and going shopping at local stores across their community.

When they wake up in the morning, Gaela, Linda, Denise, and Terri all enjoy starting their day off with a warm cup of coffee. Over their morning treat, they talk to each other about what they want to do so they can prepare for the spirited day ahead of them. With assistance from Emmaus Direct Support Professionals, they often develop a busy schedule. They like to keep the home organized so that the women are ready for anything.

Gaela loves to craft and create beautiful artwork. When Gaela is in her artistic mood, she will let someone know so they can set up her art station.It takes only a breath of fresh air or beautiful sunlight to inspire Gaela. So, when the weather is nice, you will often find her coloring in one of her favorite spots:
her home’s sunroom. One of Gaela’s goals is to clean up her art station when she is finished creating. With hard work, she can now complete this task with limited assistance!

Terri is a fashionista! She loves keeping up with current trends and looks forward to picking out her outfit each day. She spends her free time getting her nails done, doing her hair, and getting dressed up. Emmaus Direct Support Professionals will support Terri with these activities whenever she needs a helping hand. Terri is working towards keeping her closet organized, so her favorite styles are always easy to find.

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When Linda has free time at home, she relaxes while watching television. One of Linda’s favorite channels is the “True Oldies Channel,” which hosts her favorite shows like Full House or Leave it to Beaver. Whether it is a game, an enjoyable read, or a video, Linda also enjoys spending time in apps on her tablet. The Emmaus team works closely with Linda, and she is quickly learning how to do many of these activities independently.

Denise has a true artist’s soul. She is retired but has dreams of selling her art. In fact, when the women threw a housewarming party, Denise created several pieces of art as thank-you gifts for the people who made the new home possible. With a nickname like “Picasso” you can only imagine the limitless creativity that comes from Denise on a daily basis.

Jessica Stevenson is an Emmaus Direct Support Professional who has been working with Gaela, Terri, Denise, and Linda for over three years now. “I love assisting these ladies with “their walk of life,” says Jessica. “It means a lot to me to be there for them, forming companionship and making sure they are in good health.” Sharing a new place with others may seem daunting at the start. However, with close friends at your side and the support of a team who will help you reach your goals, anything is possible.

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