Love. It’s a word that some of us use a lot. Having a hobby that you love can do good things for your life. It makes you happy to do what you love and happy people can accomplish anything! The men and women of Emmaus have many hobbies. When asked what they love to do, we received a variety of diverse responses that you might find relatable.

Check out their responses…

  • Andrew loves watching trains
  • James loves coloring
  • Michael loves bowling
  • Freddie loves to listen to music
  • Jeffrey love to talk to his friends on the phone
  • Brett loves sports, especially the St. Louis Cardinals and the Blues
  • Randy loves meeting new people
  • Andrew loves dogs
  • Audrey loves flowers
  • Ryan loves video games
  • Bridget loves to do crossword puzzles
  • Jack loves to joke around
  • Kaja loves singing karaoke
  • June loves her job
  • Paul loves soda
  • Paul loves going out
  • John loves his family
  • Susan loves hugs
  • Patrick loves old TV shows and coffee
  • Collin loves popcorn and watching movies 

As we celebrate Valentine’s Day, we should think a little bit about all the different kinds of love. We wish you all the love in the world and hope that you continue doing what you love.

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