A great friendship is irreplaceable — it can inspire you to grow into a better version of yourself. Best friends broaden our horizons, challenge us to try new things and connect us to limitless opportunities. To celebrate National Make A Friend Day, we want to share the story about the special bond between Donna and Camelia…

Donna is a Direct Support Lead who has been with Emmaus for more than three years. Her passion to help others is what lead her to find this unique career in care. When she came across Emmaus, the thought of helping someone learn something new, become more independent, and making them happy is what drove her to apply.

Donna met Camelia her first day on the job and they quickly formed a special bond. Although Camelia was shy at first, Donna’s warm personality made Camelia feel more comfortable. In short time, Donna learned all about Camelia’s likes, dislikes and how to encourage her to reach new goals.

Donna knows all about the little things that lights Camelia’s face up: “She (Camelia) likes to watch movies and she enjoys coloring. She also loves to shop! We often would go on our trips to the Dollar Store.” Donna also loves Camelia’s sense of humor. They often will joke around with each other and have some fun conversations.

Each year for Christmas, Donna always gets Camelia a special gift. One time when Donna wasn’t working, Camelia expressed how she wanted to call Donna to wish her a Merry Christmas. Camelia’s smile widened as soon as she heard Donna’s voice on the phone.

Donna also knows Camelia’s love for McDonalds. One time when their usual location was too busy, Donna took the time to drive her to the next closest one because she knew how much it meant for Camelia. Now that is true friendship!

Since Camelia met Donna, she has made many accomplishments. Donna taught her how to be more outgoing when she meets new people and how to keep her head up when she walks. Camelia often helps out around the house and she knows to clean her room all on her own.

Friends serve a vital role in everyone’s lives. Although today is National Make a Friend Day, the time is always right to meet someone new and form a new friendship just like Donna and Camelia.

Emmaus team member Donna with client Camelia
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