The training at Emmaus has always been held in high regards. New and longstanding Direct Support Professionals attribute hands-on training to their personal growth in the developmental disability field.

So how does hands-on training work in this era of hands-off experiences?

One word… Mannequins!

Thanks to a grant from the City of St. Charles “Hey Mayor Dan” Charity Golf Tournament, Emmaus purchased adult-sized, free-standing, and flexible mannequins. They are being used for skills practice and testing in Mandt physical skills.

During various supporting techniques, team members have to be very close together for these skills to be done accurately and safely. Despite current precautions, there is still a lot of risk with getting close. A fully adjustable mannequin allows staff to practice and test maneuvers instead of coming in close physical contact with each other. In most training classes, there are staff from various homes, supporting a large audience. The mannequin creates hands-on instruction without human contact.

Masks, temperature checks, disinfectant routines, face shields, and now mannequins give Emmaus new ways to train effectively and keep everyone healthy and safe.

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