At Emmaus, we often share the impact of donors when it comes to client charitable care, like paying for dental procedures or replacing worn out furniture. Did you know that donations also help Emmaus sustain essential services to 260+ people daily?

A recent, independent study determined that the cost to provide quality service is $29.92/hr. While Emmaus is reimbursed through Medicaid for each hour of service we provide, we only receive $25.91/hr. on average. That means that Emmaus uses current donations and legacy gifts to help make up this $4/hr. difference.

Since Emmaus provides more than one million hours of service a year, these private contributions are critically important.

Here’s how your donations really make a difference:

Spiritual Care: As a faith-based organization, we employ two full-time chaplains to support the Spiritual Care needs of our clients. Our chaplains provide weekly worship services and Bible study classes, and visit our clients in their home or hospital, if they desire.

Training: Emmaus conducts more than 22,000 hours of training a year for our employees. Our training programs include CPR, safety and medication training along with additional specialized classes that allow our team members to safely support the clients we serve.

And lastly, Emmaus uses donations to subsidize the wages for our front-line Direct Support Professionals, whose work is critical. Our goal is to move closer to a wage that more accurately reflects the incredible work they do, one that allows them to support their own families without having to hold multiple jobs.

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