If there is one thing Emmaus has plenty of, it’s spirit! The people we support at Emmaus and the Direct Support Professionals who share life alongside them are known for the spirited lifestyles they lead.

People with developmental disabilities like to live a lifestyle that reflects their personal interests, values, and activity levels. Because the government funding for disability services barely covers the basics of care, Emmaus donors have always risen to the occasion and made it possible for the women and men of Emmaus to have a better quality of life.

Did you know that many of our donors are Emmaus employees? That’s right, in addition to choosing to invest their life in a career that makes a difference, many employees also invest their dollars in making a difference. They give because they see their clients’ needs and wants first-hand. Many have expressed that they want to meet those needs and make life even richer for their clients.

Emmaus team member quote about SPFSL Campaign

When we noticed how many Emmaus team members were also donors, we decided to celebrate their generosity by creating the Spirited People Funding Spirited Lifestyles fund. These gifts from employees are set aside to meet direct client needs and make dreams come true.

Here’s how it works: When a client has an unmet need or a desire for their life, their Emmaus team can help them lift that up. Then Emmaus does everything possible to fulfil the request with the donated funds available.

Through Spirited People Funding Spirited Lifestyles, our donors have helped people do things that are important to them, like attend therapeutic activities or enjoy the theater. They have helped people add furnishings to their home and eat out with friends at a restaurant. These gifts even allowed a young woman to take a dream trip to the beach before ending her courageous battle with cancer.

These enhancements remove barriers that people with developmental disabilities may face. They allow our clients to experience the quality of life that everyone wants for themselves and their loved ones.

Recently, Pat, a man supported by Emmaus, wrote a thoughtful letter of thanks to those who gave to Spirited People Funding Spirited Lifestyles. Here’s what he has to say:

Dear Emmaus Employees,

Thank you for helping to pay for the lift on my new electric wheelchair. I’m really enjoying the lift feature. It helps me to get clothes out of my clothes, reach shelves, dust the pictures in my room, and make my own coffee. I can also get around better, especially outside. I really appreciate the help. I would not have this feature without your generous donation. Thanks bunches.

All My Love, Pat

Emmaus client, Pat, using his new wheelchair lift

It is clear that Pat’s life is now better because of the new lift feature on his wheelchair. But there is a blessing for the giver too. They receive the priceless benefit knowing they made a difference.

At Emmaus, we deeply appreciate everyone who gives so that the men and women we support can experience their personal moment of joy, like Pat did. Today we are pausing to say a special thank you to our incredible Emmaus team members for all the ways that they express their generous spirits.

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