When their house first opened, Jennifer, a client we serve, grew very close with her housemates, Emmaus team members, and something else that was very special to her…

One of Jennifer’s housemates had a stuffed gingerbread man that really appealed to her, so much to the point where she gave him his own name, Sid. Jennifer fell in love with Sid, she never left the house without him and even got others to join his family; Sidrina, Sid Jr., Sidward, and Christmas Sid. Together they were all a happy, and adventurous, family!

“Sid really meant a lot to Jennifer. She used to talk as Sid in this funny voice, and used him to talk to people when she didn’t feel comfortable. She made stories about him all the time, like when we would leave him at home he would go to the bars and get drunk, then she would have to deal with drunk Sid. He really comforted her and was by her side at every hospital stay and got her through multiple surgeries.”

Upon Jennifer’s passing, she was buried with Sid Jr. in her arms. Close to Jennifer, Emmaus team members Alycia, Liz and Linda felt it was only right to get matching tattoos of a gingerbread man, in love and in memory of their friends Jennifer and Sid ❤️

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