Retirement marks the end of a person’s working career, and deciding when to retire is one of the biggest decisions you will make in life. It is a bittersweet moment to see a fellow coworker move on to the next chapter in their life, but knowing they put in the time and effort to succeed is nonetheless inspiring.

At Emmaus, we have a special celebratory tradition for team-member’s who are on the road to retirement…

Along with a surprise going away retirement party, usually held at the St. Charles or Marthasville corporate offices and involving a delicious cake, other team-members who have worked closely with the “about-to-be” retiree have a chance to give a brief speech at this gathering.

These speeches usually involve memories of their friend’s dedication, that may cause some tears to flow for those who know they will be missing their fellow “past” teammate, and friend. Followed by funny stories in which a roaring laughter quickly turns those tears into tears of joy! Following the speeches and cake, a very special gift is then given to those we celebrate.

Back during the transition, the Emmaus Executive Team wanted to bring pieces of the old St. Charles campus with us to our new location, specifically the stained glass windows from the St. Charles campus’ chapel. With the right sunlight, the stained glass windows often brought in a heavenly view inside the old chapel, and a constant beautiful view from the outside. 

So they decided to take some of the smaller pieces of the chapel’s stained glass window designs for a couple reasons; Some were to be added as artwork hung around the offices, and others were to be framed for team members and used as retirement gifts – because they knew that those who have been here a while would really appreciate the gift of sharing in our rich history.

It was important that the history of this campus was spread to the folks who have had a long history with Emmaus, and for them to have their very own special piece of this history. To forever give them a piece of Emmaus to be with them wherever we go, to congratulate them on time well spent in a meaningful career, and to show appreciation for their dedication and passion in enriching the lives of those we serve, of all beliefs, with cognitive or developmental disabilities, by fostering independence, inclusion and self-advocacy.

Check out the photo gallery of the old St. Charles Campus Chapel below…

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